Stream Kumail’s New EP, ‘For You To Blue’

‘Live Performance’: A revolution that is taking place in the electronic music scene.

Live electronic music has proven to be harder to perform. Most traditional genres carry an inherent component of performance, but as music technology advances, this aspect of live creation seems to be diminishing. The emphasis on traditional instrumentation is debilitating in electronic music, as the producer utilizes the full range of studio trickery from synths and drum machines to MIDI devices and sampling to create their material. Kumail, however, is going the extra mile to keep incorporating the traditional instruments as well, pushing the limits of live music by implementing his own customized performance system.


His new EP “From You To Blue” is full of Hip-Hop beats with Jazz undertones. Paired with his gravelly voice, it all seems familiar and comforting.


When asked about his inspiration behind the EP, he promptly responds with “Every track is about my past relationship. Describing my emotions from the point I realized it’s all going south.” This idea started from his first track ‘February,’ he said, which inevitably lead to ‘From You to Blue.’


February‘ is the intro of the EP.  It cocoons the listener in a state of lazed perfection. The only drawback? It doesn’t last long enough!CMO‘ – an acronym for “Call Me Out,” is next on his track list. The tyrannical yet warm synth coupled with his vocals and some field recordings gives you a dystopian feeling and a better insight of what lies ahead. Starting out with radio disruptions that grab you by your curiosity, every subsequent beat contributes to sealing your complete attention like quick drying concrete. The underlying subtlety goes hand in hand with beautifully timed shoulder bobbing beats. Next, we haveFool,’ where the vocoder kicks in with Nathan Thomas on the Bass. The whole track feels very retrospective and something you want to indulge while in sheer solitude. ‘Blue you’ is the highlight of the album. Not a single beat out of place or exaggerated, this tune is a textbook example of “simple is plenty.” The sort of vibe that works better than a spliff and gets the listener entirely immersed. In ‘Versions,’ sampling the sounds of nature for an intro is an excellent way to kickstart the track. A beautiful amalgam of electronic elements and bass, this track is out to get you vibing. Not to mention the vocals like silk that goes perfectly well with that tune baked to crackling perfection. The EP ends with ‘Don’t Fuss,’ which is pretty self-explanatory. The track puts out sonic waves of pure bliss. The tune gradually builds with every instrument adding a different layer and creating a blissful harmony of sounds.
Fade U’ is a bonus track, included in the EP only because it was a good fit but marks no relation to the theme of the EP itself. After a long day at work, cue this track and feel yourself fading out from all the unwanted madness.

It’s amazing when you learn that this is Kumail Hamid’s fourth EP at the age of 23. Aided by  Nathan Thomas and Rishabh Sharma, Kumail put together an astounding selection of tracks. The EP provides hope that in this incorrigible world, we thrive for someone who we can call ‘home.’

Our Pick: ‘Blue You’


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