Tansane’s new single Gurudakshina and Label – NRTYA

Recently got on a call with Sharan Punjabi to discuss his first single ‘Gurudakshina‘ and his upcoming label and artist management agency – NRTYA.

Within few minutes you can assimilate that he is an incredibly humble human being. A master behind the decks, his intent is to get rid off the overgrowing pretentiousness in the music industry and work for the sake of music.

With Raghu Vamshi and Parth Taco, Sharan wants to find new talent to form a performance-driven community. That is where NRTYA comes in. They have so far signed 11 artists and intend to work towards providing them a platform to showcase their music without the nuisance of bar-sale-oriented gigs. They also want to work towards infusing art with music and create a more personalised experience for the people coming through.

Sharan has decided to publish a track after producing for a while now. With Vatsal on the Piano and Nigel on the Saxophone, the track captures a certain vibe that is very native to Bombay. There is some form of theater to it which is incredibly soothing and has us listening to it on repeat.

With Sharan now producing and the promise of an EP pushed out every month through NRTYA, the future looks really good for the music scene in India.

You can listen to the track here.
For more updates on NRTYA you can follow them on Facebook.


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